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Brittney Burchiel​


"Dr. Thaanum helped me so much after my car accident. When I walked in, it hurt to breathe. He did thorough x-rays and put me on a specialized schedule. Within a week I was feeling better, after a couple weeks, I was like new!"

Kierston Lynn

"Jordan is an incredible chiropractor! He has helped me cope with my debilitating fibromyalgia. I am so thankful to have such a knowledgeable and helpful chiropractor."

Heidi Still

"Dr. T is great! I've seen a few chiropractors over the years and I really appreciate Dr. Thaanum. He's very down to earth, personable, and knows his business. I don't have any hesitations about going in to see him when I need an adjustment. I've always left happy and feeling better after a visit. Thank you for providing such excellent care."

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