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Chiropractic may be a new experience for you, and we know it can be overwhelming to deal with while you are already in pain! Here are a few commonly asked questions that may help you understand what we do better!

  • Is chiropractic safe?
    Yes, Chiropractic is extremely safe! While there are minimal risks involved, Dr. Thaanum will ensure that any treatment provided is in the specific location needed and use only the force necessary to help the body start to heal and recover.
  • What ages do you treat?
    Dr. Thaanum treats patients of all ages! He has adjusted patients from 1 day old to 96 years old! Getting a child care while they are growing is essential to their health. With such rapid growth, any deviation from normal can cause lasting impacts.
  • What technique or style do you use?
    Dr. Thaanum uses a Diversified technique. He pulls from many forms of chiropractic and uses bits and pieces of what he considers the best elements of each. He pulls from such techniques as Gonstead, Activator, MRT, and Thompson drop table technique. Typically Dr. Thaanum will use a combination of manual adjustments, activator, drop table, and arthrostim in each session. If a patient prefers one style just let him know and he will be happy to help you in the way!
  • Are walk-ins welcome at Riverside Chiropractic?
    Walk ins are always welcome! We will try our best to fit you in as soon as possible. Sometimes if the doc is with a new patient it may take a few minutes to get in, so calling ahead may save you some time!
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